Together we can!

Together, let's preserve our Earth's natural pollinators - like hummingbirds!


EZ on your time. EZ on your conscience.

For more hummingbirds!

THE ONLY Hummingbird Nectar and Recyclable Feeders 100% All-natural! 

EZNectar® is U.S. Patented.

Always Preservative-free. Always Dye-free. Always Electrolyte-free. Always Acid-free.

Our 100% Guarantee!

Your satisfaction is guaranteed!  Undamaged and unbroken cases of our products can be returned for a full 100% refund.  If you are not satisfied, simply ship the products back to us, at the address listed below.  Once we verify receipt, and verify that the product is in good condition and can be re-sold, we will promptly issue your money back!  Any questions, please contact us at our Worldwide Headquarters in San Antonio, Texas.