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"NEVER clean a dirty hummingbird feeder again!"

"EZNectar® is made EXACTLY like flower nectar!" 


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Our History and Our EZNectar Promise To You

The Original Texan Hills in 1968

The Original Texan Hills in 1968

Dear EZNectar Customer:

Thank you for visiting our website!

My family and I came from small town roots. We know about hard work. There are no shortcuts. And there were no shortcuts taken with EZNectar. EZNectar represents the best of the best hummingbird products on the market.

We began our company in our hometown of San Antonio, Texas (on our back porch) in 2007 because we love animals, birds and nature. In spite of the Great Recession, and many bumps along the road, we were able to finally perfect our patented products. It wasn’t easy, but it’s well worth it now because we’re proud to offer the only preservative and dye free (100% pure cane sugar and filtered water) and chemical free ready-to-use hummingbird nectar and patented ready-to-hang prefilled disposable / recyclable hummingbird feeders (our Happy Hummers! Fast-Feeder). We are proud to call our feeder our "juice box" for hummingbirds! It’s our promise - and always will be - that our products won’t ever contain harmful dyes, preservatives, electrolytes, acids or any other chemical additives. Never ever! We are exactly like flowers!

All companies add unnecessary chemicals, EXCEPT EZNectar Happy Hummers! brand! We are one-of-a-kind! We believe the hummers deserve the best with EZNectar…EZNectar is EXACTLY like the real flower nectar found in nature. Exactly!

We hope our products bring more joy to you, your family and the beloved hummer birds. Please feel free to drop us a line. We always welcome comments and suggestions, and thank you for your business! Our number is in the "Contact Us" section of this page.

Oh, and one more thing, because we are a family that believes in "giving back", we promise to donate 100% of our profits to bird preservation and protection causes. We aren't in it for the money --- although we'd like to make a lot of it so we can donate it! We are pure and simply in this hummer business to protect all hummingbirds, because we feel we are the only uniquely "healthy" product on the market for our beloved hummingbirds across North America.

Yours truly,

Dorene Hill

Grandma Dorene Hill

Grandma Dorene Hill

Chairing Member