Together we can!

Together, let's preserve our Earth's natural pollinators - like hummingbirds!


EZ on your time. EZ on your conscience.

For more hummingbirds!

THE ONLY Hummingbird Nectar and Recyclable Feeders 100% All-natural! 

EZNectar® is U.S. Patented.

Always Preservative-free. Always Dye-free. Always Electrolyte-free. Always Acid-free.

   About Us

The Original Texan Hills in 1968


       Kristie Hill, EVP of HR and Administration

       Dan Hill, EVP of Sales and Marketing

           David Hill, President and CEO



Grandma Dorene Hill        Chairing Member

Our History and Our EZNectar Promise To You

Dear EZNectar Customer:

First, thank you for visiting our website.

We came from small town roots, and we understand and know hard work --- and we know what it takes to succeed and achieve excellence.  There are no shortcuts.  We began this company on our back porch in 2007, right before the Great Recession, because we love animals and love birds and nature.  We continued development of our concept and patents right here in San Antonio, Texas, during those tough economic times, and we are proud to now have created EZNectar™ in that image and legacy.  We use only the finest manufacturing processes and ingredients known to mankind, which is why we can package a product like no other. We truly are a one-of-a-kind product. EZNectar is "just like homemade" for those times when you cannot make the nectar for yourself.  And our disposable feeders offer you an innovation never seen before.  We not only save you time, but EZNectar will also be "EZ" on your conscience!  We have the only product on the market that is pure cane sugar and water, period. EZNectar is patented with more than one patent.  We have absolutely no preservatives, dyes, or electrolytes --- and we promise we never will!  Nothing else is good enough for our beloved hummingbirds, or for you --- our customers --- or for us, the Texan Hills. It costs a little bit more to manufacture EZNectar because we never will add preservatives or dyes or other chemicals (like electrolytes or acids), but we feel it's well worth the cost!  We hope you will agree. We hope you love our products.  Please let us know how we can improve.  I look forwarding to hearing from you. Please write us on the "Contact Us" page.  We read every comment.

Thank you for your trust in EZNectar, and for your business.

Yours truly,